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First Impressions of a “Young Singer” at the Salzburg Festival

12 JUL 2013

by Theresa Dittmar  16:36 h;
published in: Opera, General

Theresa Dittmar (Photo: no details available)
“The rehearsals for Die Entführung aus dem Serail for Children are going full steam ahead and we, the Young Singers, are in the thick of it all: in the midst of our second rehearsal week, we are working on Act II of a version of this incredibly beautiful Mozart opera that has been shortened to approximately 90 minutes. The music has largely been preserved, and therefore it is very demanding. For such young artists, that is a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot. Not only vocally, but also in terms of acting, it is a challenge for all of us, I think. The rehearsal process, however, is all the more fascinating for it. Our director, Johannes Schmid, gives us the opportunity to experiment, to contribute and to be creative. At the same time, the first costume fittings are taking place. Many people find costume fittings somewhat strenuous, but I think there is hardly anything better. How often does one have the opportunity to dress up in many different costumes, combining fabrics and colours as one would never dare to otherwise?! The costumes are made with lots of love, and promise to be very extravagant, blending perfectly with our beautiful sets. At the beginning of the piece, we have the unique opportunity of portraying a dramatic shipwreck with custom-made puppets resembling us; then we are stranded ourselves on a desert island with a splendid palace. Together with the amazing oriental costumes, this immediately brings images from Arabian Nights to my mind. It is a fairy-tale for the opera world.”

Theresa Dittmar

Die Entführung aus dem Serail for Children – Premiere on July 27 at 3:00 pm
Die Zauberflöte for Children – Premiere on August 8 at 5:00 pm