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Die Entführung aus dem Serail - from Salzburg’s Hangar-7 Salzburg

24 MAY 2013

published in: Opera, General

Tobias Moretti (Photo: Marc Antonio Marino)
The action is transplanted into today’s fashion world:
Hangar-7 is transformed into a fashion empire. The airplanes and racecars exhibited here turn into accessories for fashion photo shootings. These will take place all over Hangar-7 with photographers, models and stylists. The opera unfurls before the architecturally fascinating backdrop of Hangar-7 at the Salzburg Airport. Visitors to Hangar-7 become protagonists of the live broadcasts while witnessing the production process firsthand. The opera will be recorded at various locations and then assembled, like a puzzle, for the TV audience. The speaking part of Bassa Selim will be performed by one of Austria’s most well-known actors, Tobias Moretti. The world-famous coloratura soprano Diana Damrau takes on the role of Konstanze. The Mexican tenor Javier Camarena will sing Belmonte and Kurt Rydl’s bass will illuminate the Osmin. The soprano Daniela Fally embodies Blondchen while Pedrillo will be sung by tenor Thomas Ebenstein. The Camerata Salzburg and the Salzburg Bach Choir will be conducted by a renowned and internationally successful Mozart expert: Hans Graf. A quartet of young singers participating in the Salzburg Festival’s Young Singers Project will lend further vocal support. The costumes are being designed by the Austrian fashion designer Lena Hoschek. Before founding her own, highly successful label in 2005, she worked for Vivienne Westwood. Her style, a mixture of urban retro chic and traditional rural costume, combines tradition and modernism. She recently presented her new collection at Berlin’s Fashion Week, garnering ovations from audience and press. The production was conceived expressly for Hangar-7 by stage director Adrian Marthaler. The Swiss director has experience with opera productions in unusual venues (for example La Traviata at Zurich’s Central Station). The complex TV broadcast is overseen by TV director Felix Breisach.

Hangar-7 as an extraordinary opera set
Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is a unique architectural work of art. Originally planned to accommodate the Flying Bull's steadily growing collection of historic aircraft, Hangar-7 has become synonymous with avant-garde architecture, modern art and exquisite dining. Due to its extraordinary architecture, Hangar-7 was created as a unique setting whose flowing lines can be perceived in three dimensions with all the senses. These surroundings provide completely new possibilities for a spectacular opera production.

Further information and tickets are available at:
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