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Roses: Theme of the 2013 Salzburg Festival Ball

23 MAY 2013

published in: Festival Ball, General

Festival Ball 2013: Redouté-Rose (Photo: Gerrit Holz)
The stylistic hallmark of this year’s Festival Ball on August 31, 2013 is “The Rose” by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. The theme of the rose will run through the entire evening: from the decoration to the debutantes’ dirndls. The inspiration for this idea came from the renowned French painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840). Born into a family of artists, the watercolour painter Redouté, also known as the “Raphael of flowers”, is considered one of the founding fathers of botanical flower painting. Queen Marie-Antoinette appointed him her court painter.

Our ballroom will be decorated with roses. The balustrades will be more transparent and airy than last year, giving spectators a good view of proceedings. The decorations will be designed by the Festival’s partner of many years, florist Gärtnerei Doll.

However, the rose will not only be found in the decoration of the Felsenreitschule; Redouté roses will also feature prominently on the aprons of the debutantes’ dirndls. As last year, the debutantes’ dirndls will be provided by the Salzburg-based company Gössl. The aprons with the Redouté roses were designed by Dorothea Nicolai, the Salzburg Festival’s costume director.

Clearly, everything will be coming up roses for the Second Salzburg Festival Ball! Further information and tickets are available here.