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Intriguing Insights into the Production of "Lucio Silla"

1 APR 2013

published in: Opera

Lucio Silla: Rolando Villazón (Photo: Matthias Baus)
Lucio Silla relates the story of the dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix, a consul of the late Roman Republic, and his historically verified resignation. Together with his librettist Giovanni de Gamerra, the 16-year-old Wolfgang A. Mozart portrayed one of the most controversial and presumably most widely hated personalities in history. Their liberal treatment of the historical facts, however, showed that the authors were not interested in focusing on historical detail, but on their protagonists’ psychology instead. Marc Minkowski, Music Director of the Mozart Week and conductor of this opera, is delighted to stage Lucio Silla as a coproduction between the Mozart Week and the Salzburg Festival. In the following video, he speaks about the work’s background and intriguing details, such as the incorporation of an aria by Johann Christian Bach. Stage director Marshall Pynkoski has set his production during the time when the work was written, i.e. the 18th century. Despite the historical costumes and sets, it is a lively production which speaks to today’s viewer.

For this production, Marc Minkowski will conduct “his” orchestra, the Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble. The title role is performed by Rolando Villazón; one of the female leads is sung by Olga Peretyatko.

The premiere of the opera Lucio Silla at the Salzburg Festival takes place on July 27, 2013; further performances are scheduled for July 30, August 2 and 4, 2013. To purchase tickets, click on this link.