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100 excited students at the Study Workshop "Roche Continents"

23 AUG 2012

published in: General

Workshop "Roche Continents" (Photo: Matthew Lee)
For the sixth time, Roche invited 100 students from all across Europe to the study workshop “Roche Continents” in Salzburg. The participants, representing 38 different nationalities, discovered the common ground of creativity and innovation in arts and science during a varied program of workshops and discussions with experts. In the evening, they were invited to attend selected contemporary classical concerts featured in the Salzburg Festival programme. The activities of Roche Continents are designed to be both challenging and inspiring. Following the week in Salzburg, participants become members of the Roche Continents alumni, a network of outstanding young people who can stay in touch with each other, communicate in forums and exchange ideas. 

As Seonaid Murray, MA in Community Music, University of Limerick wrote: “Being a musician among a majority of Scientists was at first challenging for me but as soon as I arrived in Salzburg and began to talk to everyone it became apparent that we all had stories and experiences to share. I learnt so much from listening and speaking to everyone and we realized that our current fields are not so different. I made so many friends (99!) and feel honored to have shared my week with such a diverse, interesting and fun group! As Einstein wrote, ‚Man muss die Welt nicht verstehen, man muss sich nur darin zurechtfinden.‘ (It is not necessary to understand the world; orientation is sufficient.)”