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Special Website of the Salzburg Festival for Mobile Devices: Increased Mobility

6 AUG 2012

published in: General

Buying tickets on the road? Reading program information, watching videos anytime, quickly and with easy access? Starting today, all this is possible – the Salzburg Festival’s homepage is now easier to use on mobile devices.

The number of our guests who surf the internet on mobile devices is steadily increasing. Therefore, all iPhone, iPad and Android users now have access to a mobile version of the Salzburg Festival’s website.

Until now, using the existing Salzburg Festival homepage was not optimal on a mobile device. This is largely due to the large volume of content, tailored to desktop monitors. Thus, the new mobile version of the Salzburg Festival website has its own navigation and content design and limits itself to functions that are essential for mobile users.

The great challenge of web layout for mobile devices is the great diversity of such devices, which employ different browsers, operating systems and resolutions. The new mobile website ensures that the layout works just as well on an iPhone of the older generation as on a new iPad with its much larger screen. Content is assigned automatically, depending on the mobile device in question.

Since the mobile version focuses mainly on program, multimedia/service and ticketing, a complex menu is not necessary – and would be difficult to use on smartphones and tablets. The most important navigation instruments, e.g. the calendar and program listings as well as the buttons to choose between genres, are always available to you. On the initial page, you have a choice between the Summer and the Whitsun Festival; a photo gallery is also available.

Thus, nothing will stand in the way of your unobstructed enjoyment of the Salzburg Festival website for mobile visitors. Mobile devices are automatically recognized by the website and sent to the mobile version. Enjoy your surfing and ticket purchasing, on the road or anywhere!