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World Premiere of the Fine Art Print Visual Score Mozart

2 AUG 2012

published in: General

Günther Uecker – Optische Partitur Mozart
We are all familiar with sheet music, recalling how the various symbols are organized, with their oval heads and stems that only know two directions (up and down), sometimes sporting flags, all contained in five parallel staves. In this context, a score occupies a special position, as it combines all the individual lines of a composition in vertical arrangement.
The fine art print Visual Score Mozart by Günther Uecker unites two techniques important to the artist: embossed printing and lithography. It is easy to recognize the portraits of the nail heads standing out gently from the paper in rhythmical rows. Above these are no less recognizably “written” rulings in black India ink.
Once again, Uecker demonstrates: in its essence, art is an insistent, constant struggle for the ever-same, the apparently familiar and often-seen; it is also a complex, highly variable system of symbols and materials, playing with essential imaging factors like space, line, surface, dots and color, a game which repeats itself, but is put together anew every time. The former director of Berlin’s National Gallery, Dieter Honisch, once called Uecker a “realizer of ideas”. Occasionally, however, one also has to ascertain (various) ideas. The graphic Visual Score Mozart is a masterful “ascertaining” of ideas on how, and of what, art is made.

Günther Uecker – Optische Partitur Mozart
Created in 2012
Embossed printing and lithography
Format (height x width): 68.5 x 90 cm
Edition: 100 copies with Arabic numerals and 30 copies with Roman numerals, plus artist’s copy

The work is on loan from the company Geuer & Breckner – Galerie. Verlag. Ausstellungen. If you are interested, you may purchase fine art prints of the work by Günther Uecker for a net price of 3,500 Euros through Geuer & Breckner, Düsseldorf, Tel. +49 211 5422 1310, info@geuerbreckner.de, www.geuerbreckner.de.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Salzburg Festival’s education projects.