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Javier Pérez – The Carousel of Time

20 JUL 2012

published in: General

Exhibition of Javier Pérez
With his installation The Carousel of Time, which Javier Pérez has created for the Karl-Böhm-Saal, the Spanish artist responds to an invitation by the Salzburg Festival to enter into an artistic dialogue with Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s opera Die Soldaten, which is being produced at the Felsenreitschule for the 2012 season (Ingo Metzmacher, Music Director and Alvis Hermanis, Stage Director/Set Designer).

Javier Pérez was born in Bilbao in 1968. He lives and works in Barcelona and is considered one of the most important Spanish contemporary artists. His work is permeated by a strong symbolism and accompanied by an intense use of metaphor. In 2001 he was invited to represent Spain at the Venice Biennale. In 2008 the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao exhibited Pérez’s 1997 work, Màscara de seducciòn and bought it for its own collection.
In his latest work, imaginary couples find themselves in a monotonous dance of loneliness that is repeated over and over – symbolized by 34 pairs of shoes dangling from red linen strings attached to the ceiling of the Karl-Böhm-Saal, just above the fictitious dance floor. Like an oversized mobile, the artist’s extraordinarily delicate construction reacts to the overwhelming pomp of this representational hall.
It is the contrasts, the contradictions that interest Javier Pérez in his artistic reflection – which he also associated spontaneously when approaching Zimmermann’s work. Impartially, almost unimpressed by the philosophical dimension with which the composer invariably interpreted his own work. And yet, Pérez comes closer than almost any other interpretation to the fundamental gesture of this musical work, using his own artistic language.

Javier Pérez will also show further works on the balcony of the Karl-Böhm-Saal as well as at the Grosses Festspielhaus’ intermission foyer. The exhibit at the Karl-Böhm-Saal is open to Festival attendees from July 23, 2012 onwards, one hour before a performance and during the intermissions at the Haus für Mozart and the Felsenreitschule.

This project was realized thanks to generous support from Prof. Reinhold Würth. Javier Pérez is represented by Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg & Vienna.