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7th Special Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic with Young Brass and Wind Players from Salzburg and Carinthia

2 JUL 2012

published in: Concert

On Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 11:00 am, the seventh edition of the Special Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic with talented young brass and wind players takes place. After recent years featured young players from Upper Austria, the Tyrol, Vorarlberg and even Liechtenstein, this year the young talents of Carinthia are invited to make music together with the best young wind and brass players from the country of Salzburg. At a three-day academy, the 65 participants will rehearse the varied concert program with professional coaching from members of the Vienna Philharmonic. As in previous years, the musical leadership lies in the knowledgeable hands of Prof. Karl Jeitler, a trombonist with the Vienna Philharmonic. To him, working with the musicians of the future is always an extraordinary and enriching experience. This year the program features works by Michael Haydn, Pietro Mascagni, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Johann Strauß senior and junior, Josef Bayer as well as Anton Fridrich.

The concert takes place at the Felsenreitschule. We recommend that you secure your seats immediately! Free tickets became available today, July 2, at the SHOP • KARTEN/TICKETS of the Salzburg Festival, located at Hofstallgasse 1.