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News from the dance floor – debutant couples have been sought, and found!

22 JUN 2012

published in: Festival Ball

At the first Salzburg Festival Ball on September 1, 2012, of course it must be the debutante couples opening the ball in style. A few weeks ago, all interested dancers had been asked to apply – now the couples have been chosen. On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 5:00 pm, the auditions took place at the Dancing School Seifert. A total of 48 couples will open the ball.

The applicants had to demonstrate great skill at the auditions held at the Dancing School Seifert. Apart from a waltz, they were asked to dance to a Minuet by Mozart. Niki Seifert had choreographed this especially for the occasion and rehearsed it with the candidates. The six jury members – Elisabeth Gürtler (Member of the Honorary Committee), Brigitta Weinberger and Alexandra Bjerke (Members of the Patroness Committee), Suzanne Harf (Chief of Protocol for the Salzburg Festival), Mandy Fredrich (“Queen of the Night” in this year’s production of Die Zauberflöte) and Jan Oechler (a professional dancer and dance teacher) – decided on 48 debutante couples. Just in case, they also chose a few couples for the waitlist.

At the ball, the young ladies will wear the Festival dirndl designed by the firm Gössl. The top consists of linen treated by a process called “Äschen” (a special method of dyeing, during which the linen takes on the grey-ecru color mélange typical for traditional dress); the skirt is made of 100% Dupioni silk. The young gentlemen will be outfitted in complementary style by the firm Moser.

We wish all the debutante couples “Break a leg!” – have a wonderful opening dance of the first Salzburg Festival Ball in 2012!