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When sacred music meets percussion and dragons meet klezmer – then you know it’s the Festival Opening Party!

19 JUL 2012

published in: General

Friday, July 20, 2012 | 4:45 pm onwards

On the first evening, the Party is devoted entirely to tradition: starting at 4:45 pm, groups like LeRoXa (5:15 pm, Salzburg Museum), D’Salzachtaler with Schmittenstoana Tanzlmusi (6:30 pm, Heckentheater) and Stadtmusik Salzburg with its Bandltanz (9:00 pm, Residenzplatz) present living traditions. The latter event also serves as a warm-up for the first day’s highlight: the Salzburger Fackeltanz, a torch dance (10:30 pm, Residenzplatz). The film that precedes it this year is devoted to the 400-year anniversary of Marcus Sitticus’ election as Archbishop of Salzburg.

Saturday, July 21, 2012 | 10:00 am onwards

Festival Artists

Anyone who is curious already about the people responsible for the ingenious tricks and illusions featured in the Festival’s production Mojo can meet their creator in the guise of “Piff the Magic Dragon” at the Party: John van der Put brings British humor and his floating Chihuahua to the republic (2:30 pm).

Burgtheater actor Markus Meyer, our “Lenz” from the production of the same title, will bring letters of the great Burgtheater actor Josef Kainz from the 1870s to read at the same location (5:00 pm).

Of course, the popular Festival artists’ autograph session is among the must-attend events once again (5:15 pm, Unteres Pausenfoyer, Großes Festspielhaus).

We are also delighted that our Jedermann Devil Peter Jordan has agreed to give a solo performance again – after his fascinating appearance at the Party two years ago, this promises to be one of the absolute highlights (4:15 pm, Main Auditorium of the University).

Another special feature will be our first-time cooperation with Universal Music and “Kulturland Salzburg”: The Yellow Lounge, now in its fifth edition, makes its debut at the Festival Opening Party. Tenor Michael Schade, the oenm and the shooting star of the mandolin, Avi Avital from Israel, will provide the classical live acts, while DJs Stefan Obermaier, DJ Cle and Ö3-DJ Kalman Gergely will offer their signature tunes and mixes well into the small hours.

The public dress rehearsal of the Monteverdi Choir under Sir John Eliot Gardiner at the Kollegienkirche (10:45 am), the Cathedral Concert featuring Capella Silentium, the Paris-Lodron Wind Ensemble and soloist Aleksandra Zamojska (3:00 pm) as well as the concerts of the Salzburger Hofmusik (6:00 pm and 7:30 pm) make reference to the Ouverture spirituelle.

Family Program

Like the main program of the Festival, the Opening Party includes a rich variety of offers for children: the theme of Jewish music that runs through the Ouverture spirituelle is also represented – in a very worldly way – by Marko Simsa & KlezmerReloaded (11:00 am and 1:30 pm, Markussaal).

The Ventus Quintet Salzburg has been invited to air its new hit production Die kleine Hexe (3:30 pm and 5:30 pm, Markussaal); workshops like Masks from the Celestial Empire (2:00 pm, Spielzeug Musuem) and Shadowplay with Cats & Co (3:00 pm, Spielzeug Museum) round out the program.

The musical endeavors of young artists may be admired at the performances of the Salzburg Festival and Theater Children’s Chorus (6:00 pm, Main Auditorium of the University), the ensembles of the Angelika Prokopp Summer Academy of the Vienna Philharmonic (4:00 pm, Gotischer Saal) and Young Talents (5:00 pm, Solitär).

Literary Events

Naturally, the literary angle will not be ignored, and one of the outstanding events in this genre will be presented by Theater bodi end sole, performing its play Zweig.Stellen. This piece, developed on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth and the 70th anniversary of the death of Stefan Zweig, could not have a better location than the Stefan Zweig Centre at the Edmundsburg (2:00 pm).

At the same venue, the former Burgtheater Director Achim Benning will read from his collected speeches, essays and observations spanning three decades of theatrical life, recently published in the acclaimed volume In den Spiegel greifen (4:00 pm).

The Büchner Prize winner Walter Kappacher, who wrote the lyrics for Franui’s Mahlerlieder, will read from his latest work, Land der roten Steine, which has won multiple awards (6:00 pm, Edmundsburg).

Julian Schutting will present Theatralisches – thus the title of his latest publication, from which he will recite at 12:00 pm and at 3:30 pm at the Traklhaus.

Jochen Jung, closely connected to the Festival as publisher of the Festival Chronicles, will read from his own works (11:00 am, Galerie Altnöder).

And the popular street theater event returns: this year, stage director Klaus Gmeiner, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, will present George Bernard Shaw’s comedy Pygmalion with his theater-wagon at the Furtwänglerpark (8:30 pm).

Open-Air Stages

The open-air stages on Papagenoplatz and Kapitelplatz in the historic city center will spread good cheer all around, featuring live performances by Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar (3:00 pm, Papagenoplatz), Philharmonie Salzburg (4:00 pm, Kapitelplatz), Sabina Hank & Band (5:45 pm, Papagenoplatz) and T.C. Pfeiler’s New Jazzid Funk (6:30 pm, Kapitelplatz). 

The Jedermann-Corner invites anyone interested from 3:00 pm onwards to the Mozartplatz: following the tradition of the British Speaker’s Corner, anyone may present a speech, dance, musical contribution or any other performance close to their heart. All presentations will be recorded and may be broadcast by ServusTV as part of its reporting on the Festival Opening Party. Come join the action and enliven the proceedings!

All those staying in the city center until late in the evening will be rewarded with the Großer K&K Zapfenstreich (10:45 pm, Residenzplatz).

“Short Ride in a Fast Machine”

This is not just the title of a piece the State Youth Brass Band will perform on July 21 at 8:00 pm at the Mozarteum. It is also the motto for the entire weekend: leave your car outside the city and use your free tickets to the Festival Opening Party as free tickets for public transportation as well. The tickets are valid in the City of Salzburg for O-Buses, Buses and S-Bahn trains within the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund. They are valid for transportation three hours before the beginning of the ticketed event and until the end of the day.

You will find the entire program in digital form available for download here.