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Festival Wine and Festival Beer: The New Edition 2012

26 MAY 2012

published in: General

Michael Moosbrugger, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Pepi Tesch and Markus Trinker (Photo: Andreas Kolarik)
Yesterday, Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler presented this year’s Festival Wine and Festival Beer, together with winemakers Michael Moosbrugger of the Schloss Gobelsburg Winery and Josef Tesch from Neckenmarkt, as well as the master brewer and certified beer sommelier Markus Trinker of the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg. Thus, the vivacious Mittelburgenland met the art-loving Kamptal.

The Wines Selected for 2012
2011 Gobelsburger Grüner Veltliner, Schloss Gobelsburg Winery from Kamptal
2009 Blaufränkisch Reserve, Winery Josef Tesch from Neckenmarkt
The white wine made by the Falstaff winner of 2006, is a fresh, peppery, lively Veltliner.

For the first time, the red wine is a Blaufränkischer Reserve Wine.

The two wines, made from the best autochthonous grapes of Austria, may be purchased at the Festival Shop as well as the delicatessen stores Kölbl and Reichl, at Salzburg’s leading restaurants and at wine stores such as Wein & Co, Döllerer, Vergeiner and Atzwanger.

Festival Beer 2012

Once again, the long-standing cooperation with the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg will be continued this year. The Festival Wines and the Festival Beer Edition 2012 will be produced in a limited edition.

Label Design

This year, the labels will show figurines by the costume designers Susanne Bisovsky and Elisabeth Binder-Neururer: figurines from the opera Das Labyrinth – the second part of Die Zauberflöte by Peter von Winter, which will be performed at the Residenzhof.

The Wines of the 2012 Salzburg Festival Edition

2011 Gobelsburger Grüner Veltliner • Schloss Gobelsburg Winery, Lower Austria – Kamptal – Alcohol: 12,5 %

The broad repertoire of Michael Moosbrugger encompasses not only classic and assertive white wines, but also red wines in the style of Burgundy, charming sweet wines and sparkling wines following traditional production methods. He composed the selected Grüner Veltliner Festival Wine from the best young wines of this type of grape, uniting grapes from various vineyards in order to emphasize the typical character of a light-footed Kamptal Veltliner, easy on the palate. Moosbrugger joined the oldest winery in the Kamptal (first mentioned in 1171) in 1996, and within a short time, his entrepreneurship and energy had turned it into a winery of international renown. He hails from the Moosbrugger family of hoteliers, owners of the Hotel Post in Lech am Arlberg. Michael Moosbrugger was an active classical and jazz musician before he made his passion for wine his profession.

2009 Blaufränkisch Reserve • Winery Josef Tesch, Burgenland – wine-making area: Mittelburgenland – Alcohol: 14 %

The red wine is an assertive one from central Burgenland, ready to drink and produced by Josef Tesch from Neckenmarkt. The Blaufränkischer’s two-year maturation period in small oak barrels contributes to the wine’s especially soft and subtle tannins, giving it a velvety, congruent taste-flow. Its further attributes include a perfume of dark berry confit and subtle minerals that cleave closely to the palate, compelling in their complexity: a wine that is dense and elegant at the same time. Josef Tesch is a wine-maker with decades of experience who has been instrumental in elevating and maintaining the high quality of Austrian red wines. Apart from his own wines, he was responsible for the Vintner’s Wine-Making Cooperative in Neckenmarkt for many years. His wife Helene and his son Christian, the next generation, support Josef Tesch in the vineyards and in the cellar during the process of vinification.

The 2012 Festival Beer Edition

DI Markus Trinker, master brewer at the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg, brewed this Pilsener beer from a “mixed set” of Lower Austrian Pilsener malt, Upper Austrian aromatic hops from the Mühlviertel and water from Salzburg’s Untersberg. The Stiegl Festival Pilsener has a sparkling, appealing appearance, leaving a note of herbs on the palate and a subtle aroma of hops as an aftertaste.