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Cleopatra culinaria: Egyptian Dinner

21 MAY 2012

published in: Whitsun

Image: Charles-Joseph Natoire
What manner of homage to the legendary queen of the senses would be complete without a banquet featuring Egyptian food and Egyptian music? After the performance of Giulio Cesare in Egitto on May 27, the Salzburg Festival hosts an Egyptian Dinner.

Now the secret – of what those guests may look forward to who purchased tickets for this culinary and musical special event in time – has been revealed: after the end of the opera Giulio Cesare, champagne will be served at a reception at the SalzburgKulisse. Afterwards, the Egyptian Dinner will be served at the Karl-Böhm-Saal.

An oriental music ensemble led by Mohsen Shaltout will perform traditional Egyptian music: instruments include the riq (tambourine), oud (lute), Kaman (a violin with an oriental sound) and nai (bamboo flute).

During the dessert, the belly-dancer Nabila will perform, spreading oriental flair.

The culinary events will be in the hands of Gad El Kareem Mahmoud Mohamed, Khamis Aly Ahmed and Ahmed Badry Abo El Magd of the Sheraton Miramar Resort “El Gouna”, Red Sea, together with the team of Salzburg’s own Goldener Hirsch. You may download the menu by following this link: 

Menu Cleopatra culinaria

The menu is available only in German.

The event has been sold out for many months.