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Preparations for the World Premiere of "Meine Bienen. Eine Schneise"

23 APR 2012

published in: Drama

Händl Klaus, Photo: Luigi Caputo

The story of Meine Bienen. Eine Schneise is about Lukas, who lives alone with his mother in the forest. He is looking for answers. Answers that his mother is unable or unwilling to give him. Who is he, where is he from – or: who is his father? This stranger has long begun to show in Lukas himself, in his tendency towards violence. Lukas aggression has targeted nature. There were fourteen bee-hives at the forest’s edge; now there are only ashes. The search for the perpetrator begins. This brings Peter to the scene, a conscientious inspector, whom Lukas considers a possible father – and Wim, the wandering bee-keeper. Everybody is a suspect: possible perpetrators, collecting and talking. From their traces, reaching far back, and the conclusions they draw, a trembling picture arises, reflected by the bees – which buzz around them.

"It is a mysterious family coming together there," says Händl Klaus, "amidst this proverbial nature with which one must deal – whether by accepting it or fighting it. It remains as inexplicable as one does oneself – this nature, the question of whence and whither. Although one shares a common destiny, one seeks understanding, enlightenment – and yet remains lost. That is our fate." The play’s text has something light about it, but is still inclined towards darkness.

Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Director of Drama, says about Händl Klaus’ works: “I think they are amazingly clever, both formally and in their dramaturgical deployment, but mainly, they are confessional. They do not strive to suffer unnecessarily from being contemporary.”
Musicbanda Franui, which has been making music together for almost 17 years with hardly a change in personnel, will invent the corresponding musical world in which the familiar is obscured and what is distant is magnified. Starting on August 23, 2012 you have the opportunity to delve into this world at Salzburg’s Landestheater. Further information and tickets are available here.