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Welcome to an exceptional challenge – Roche Continents from August 11-17, 2012

20 FEB 2012

published in: General

Roche Continents 2012
100 students of science, music and fine arts from across Europe are invited to spend a week in Salzburg during the world-famous Salzburg Festival. We invite you to join us for the next Roche Continents 2012. Roche Continents takes place from August 11-17, 2012 and is organized by Roche in partnership with the Salzburg Festival. Roche has a long tradition of supporting cultural projects in line with one of the company principles: “Innovation is key to our success.”

Roche Continents is a project that has grown from the partnership between Roche and the Salzburg Festival, where Roche sponsors Salzburg contemporary, an ongoing series of concerts featuring the works of modern composers. To be eligible to apply, you should be a student (undergraduate, doctoral student or post-doc) aged 20 to 29 from the life sciences, chemistry, the fine arts or music. During this week you will explore topics from the worlds of art and science and try to explore the common ground of creativity and innovation in the arts and science.

The students attend performances at the Salzburg Festival, engage themselves in workshops – and much more. It will be a week that is both challenging and fun.

Roche Continents does not finish at the end of the week in Salzburg, these days are the portal to something far greater: A gathering of open minds.

If you meet the criteria and need further information please send a mail to: info@roche-continents.net