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News from the Dance Floor - Debutante Couples Wanted!

14 FEB 2012

published in: General

Photos: Oskar Anrather / Carsten Koall
On September 1, 2012, the motto at the Salzburg Festival will be “All Dance!” The Festival Ball opens with a gala dinner at the Lord Archbishop’s Residence, after which the guests transfer together to the Felsenreitschule, where the opening dance of the debutantes and the festive concert featuring great stars of the Festival take place. The choreography of the ceremonious opening of the Ball has been entrusted to the experienced expertise of the Dancing School Seifert in Salzburg. Together with the Salzburg Festival, couples from all over the world are sought who would like to open the ball as debutantes. 60 couples have already been chosen, but 20 more are still needed. Would you like to become part of the very first Salzburg Festival Ball?
Festive wear for the participants has already been arranged, as the debutante couples will be outfitted with an exclusive evening dirndl for the ladies and a traditional suit for the gentlemen by the company of Gössl in Salzburg.
If you would like to make your debut at the first Salzburg Festival Ball in 2012, you may apply for one of the sought-after places on the dance floor. You should be no more than 25 years of age and have dancing experience. In order to give an impression of your talent as a dancer, we ask you to submit not only an application, but also a DVD of you performing a dance, preferably a waltz. For couples who are from around Salzburg, there is also the possibility to try out directly at the Dancing School Seifert. Please submit your application via email to niki@tanzschule-seifert.at. Please send your DVDs by mail to the following address: Tanzschule Niki Seifert, St.-Julien-Straße 20, Kiesel Gebäude 5. Stock, A-5020 Salzburg. The application deadline is May 1, 2012.
Good luck!