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"Festival of the Future" – High-Ranking Cultural Managers Meet for Discussions at the Festival Symposium in Salzburg

20 JAN 2012

published in: General

Haus für Mozart (Photo: Karl Forster)
Entitled Festival of the Future – the Salzburg Festival and its Importance for European Festival Culture, the symposium will bring together high-ranking European personalities from the field of cultural management in Salzburg. The meeting illuminates the influence of contemporary trends and developments on festival culture. One of the issues discussed is the question what makes the Salzburg Festival and other institutions specific to their own hometowns, and which role the Festival plays for the increasingly relevant European culture of festivals. Additionally, discussion groups will look into the near future. Panels will provide fascinating food for thought, including topics like Festivals: controversy and dialogue; Corporate policy at the crossroads of business, politics and society or Public reflection, criticism and media range.

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Michael Fischer, the professor of cultural studies at the University of Salzburg who has organized the symposium for the 20th time this year, wanted it to focus on “central and ever-recurring questions”. One of the points of departure are the differing expectations of artists, journalists, politicians, sponsors and of course audiences.

Among the symposium’s guests are Gerard Mortier, Rudolf Scholten, Alexander Pereira, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Hans Mahr, Markus Hinterhäuser, Roland Geyer, Georg Springer, Peter Alward, Clemens Hellsberg, Peter Ruzicka, Luc Bondy, the philosopher Bazon Brock, the Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival Michael Haefliger, Stephan Pauly and Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg of the Mozarteum Foundation, Salzburg’s Director of Drama Sven-Eric Bechtolf and the Artistic Director of the Salzburg Landestheater, Carl Philip von Maldeghem. Its attendees also include some of the most well-known German and Austrian cultural journalists, for example Reinhard Brembeck (Süddeutsche Zeitung), Christiane Goller and Peter Schneeberger (ORF), Heinz Sichrovsky (News), Eleonore Büning (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Stefan Grissemann (profil), Alexandra Föderl-Schmid (Der Standard), Hedwig Kainberger (Salzburger Nachrichten) and Michael Fleischhacker (Die Presse).

The event begins today, January 20, and takes place at the University Library’s Auditorium and at the Haus für Mozart. Participation is limited to invited guests.