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The Labyrinth under the Roof

9 JAN 2012

published in: Opera, General

Mobile roof for the courtyard of the Residenzhof
2012 will see the 200th anniversary of the death of Emanuel Schikaneder, doubtlessly one of the most original and influential men of the theater of his generation. Without him, we would be one masterwork poorer – a work that no-one less than Goethe (among others) wanted to write a sequel to. What is less commonly known is that Schikaneder himself wrote that sequel to Die Zauberflöte, entitled Das Labyrinth oder Der Kampf mit den Elementen. Schikaneder entrusted this work – which, unlike Goethe’s, was completed – to the Bavarian composer Peter von Winter, much-celebrated in Vienna at the time.
Stage director Alexandra Liedtke and set designer Raimund Voigt present this opera, which was incredibly successful in its day, not in a conventional theatrical space, but at the Residenzhof – thus returning to the tradition of popular theater there. In order for the Queen of the Night to continue trying to get her daughter back, for Papageno to find his family again and for Sarastro to bring in the big guns to have his way, the courtyard of the Alte Residenz has to be outfitted with a special, complex construction: a transformable roof turns the courtyard into a fully operable stage. This roof covers no less than a space of 24 by 36 meters.
Perhaps you still remember the previous construction? This will be improved significantly by the renovation. In case of rain, the new roof has the main advantage that its second layer atomizes the raindrops, and therefore, no downpour will impair the audience’s musical enjoyment. The new roof will also be mobile, so it can be opened and closed anytime, a feature made possible by a special construction of steel rails. Learn more in our animation by clicking on the picture!

Das Labyrinth has its premiere on August 3, 2012 at 7:00 pm. You can purchase tickets for the seven performances here.