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Award for Siemens Festival>Nights

24 NOV 2011

published in: General

Siemens Festival>Nights
On November 22, the independent Economic Committee INITIATIVEN WIRTSCHAFT FÜR KUNST (IWK, which stands for ECONOMIC INITIATIVES FOR ART) awarded its Arts Sponsorship Prize MAECENAS to cultural projects supported by Austrian companies, without whose underwriting these projects could not have been realized. In the category “Long-Term Sponsorship”, Siemens Austria was honored for the “Siemens Festival>Nights”, an event that has been presented for the past ten years together with ORF Salzburg and the Salzburg Festival. Thanks to open-air broadcasts of opera highlights on Salzburg’s Kapitelplatz, anyone can enjoy high culture without an admission fee.

The sponsoring strategy of Siemens Austria is to engage in long-term partnerships, using technology as a transfer medium for art and culture and reduce fear of the unknown. “Siemens Austria AG stands for tradition, change and innovation. Through this long-term strategy of regional and worldwide support for the arts and culture, Siemens makes its contribution to important social issues and tasks. Our goal is to use modern technology to make art and culture accessible to a broad public. We have enjoyed great success with the Siemens Festival>Nights for the past ten years. The fact that Siemens has received this award from the IWK is a wonderful endorsement of our activities in the area of art and culture,” says Wolfgang Hesoun, General Director of Siemens AG Austria.

In 2011, no less than 168 companies applied for the MAECENAS Award, submitting 185 projects in the three categories “Long-Term Sponsorship”, “Concept / Major Companies” and “Small and Mid-Size Companies”.