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Gert Voss: Honor, Award, Film Premiere

27 AUG 2011

published in: Concert, General

Gert Voss, Gabi Burgstaller, Photo: LPB/Franz Neumayr
Gert Voss is an extraordinary actor, which he has proven repeatedly and impressively throughout his long and successful career. “It was exactly a quarter-century ago that Gert Voss began writing Festival history in a play by Thomas Bernhard. But it was already with his stage debut in 1966 that he began to win the hearts of audiences, critics, directors and playwrights,” Landeshauptfrau Burgstaller emphasized.

Thus, the Kammerschauspieler Gert Voss was named “Best European Actor” by the London Times in 1995, and can look back on 64 appearances at the Salzburg Festival. He made his Salzburg Festival debut in Thomas Bernhard’s Ritter, Dene, Voss, which has since become a legend. Voss also played the title role of Jedermann for four summers, starting in 1995. At this year’s festival, Voss performs in Measure for Measure. In October, he celebrates his 70th birthday.

Before the decoration was presented to Voss, the film premiere of Scheitern, scheitern, besser scheitern! was screened, a movie by André Heller and Lukas Sturm featuring Gert Voss and Harald Schmidt. Afterwards, Rudolf John of the Kurier presented the Kurier Romy to Gert Voss and President Helga Rabl-Stadler gave a speech honoring the actor. Afterwards, Landeshauptfrau Gabi Burgstaller presented the Grand Decoration of Honor of the State of Salzburg to him.