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Final Press Conference of the 2011 Salzburg Festival

26 AUG 2011

published in: General

Markus Hinterhäuser, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Thomas Oberender, Photo: Franz Neumayr
An especially satisfying and successful season of the Salzburg Festival is drawing to its close. In a final press conference on August 26, the Salzburg Festival’s directorate presented positive facts and figures on this year’s summer. Total revenues from ticket sales were about 24,800,000 Euros.

Of the revenue of the Jedermann dress rehearsals, 40,000 Euros were donated to a Caritas project for street children in Alexandria, 40,000 Euros were donated to Nachbar in Not to help ease the hunger catastrophe in East Africa, and 10,000 Euros were donated to an SOS Children’s Village. 11,505 Euros were collected for the renovations of the Kollegienkirche via the benefit dress rehearsal for Prometeo; and finally, the ticketed dress rehearsal for Le Rossignol / Iolanta yielded a donation of 158,065 Euros for the reconstruction of Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall in Japan.

The number of attendees for this year’s Salzburg Festival is currently estimated at 251,062 – which means that the percentage of tickets sold has reached about 95%.

A visitor poll conducted in writing in spring, which will be presented in detail in the late fall, yielded two interesting results:

-The percentage of return visitors among the 2,700 visitors questioned was 72.5%, of which 62.6% had been to the Festival ten times or more.

-The positive effect of the Festival on tourism: the average stay of a Festival visitor lasts 7.2 days. In comparison, city tourists often only stay 1.5 days in Salzburg.

The Festival’s audience was once again very international, with visitors from 72 nations. Young audience members were also catered to: 2,000 tickets were sold at drastically reduced prices (10-15% of the original price) to young visitors.

So far, the media resonance of the Festival has been very positive: the Salzburg Festival Press Office accredited 594 journalists from 29 countries; the accumulated press clippings for the entire season cover 5,601 pages (and counting the pre-Festival reporting, even 7,789 pages).

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