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Better than ever: 5 x YDP in one day!

18 AUG 2011

published in: Drama, General

YDP 2011 – Poste Restante • The Dinner Club – Salzburg Classes, Photo: Wolfgang Lienbacher
The Young Directors Project – powered by Montblanc offers innovative theatrical concepts a platform and stands for new developments. This year, the audience can look forward to no less than five productions by young theater-makers. The performance venues play a large role in this year’s concept, and thus, apart from republic, this year’s line-up includes the Villa Karin, an old house on Teisenberggasse, the University’s Main Auditorium and the Museum der Moderne.

Das ehemalige Haus by the SIGNA group takes the audience through the rooms of an old house in which scenes involving pimps and goddesses of revenge may be witnessed, and also actively manipulated.

In Symphony of a Missing Room by the artist duo Lundahl & Seitl, the audience is led through the Museum der Moderne, blindfolded and only with headphones: an opportunity to experience a new, very poetic mode of perception.

The TEAM, a troupe from America, explores the long history of capitalism in America in its production Mission Draft, to be seen at republic.

The Dinner Club – Salzburg Classes, on the other hand, offers lessons in manners and etiquette, with a test at the end, at Villa Karin.

The fifth piece of this year’s YDP is performed by the group Ontroerend Goed, A Game of You at the University’s Main Auditorium, where the viewer gets help from the actors to find out which role he might take on, in a play performed for him.

Remaining tickets are still available for some performances, and you may order them by phone at +43/662/8045-500 or purchase them directly at the Box Office of the Salzburg Festival: SHOP • KARTEN/TICKETS.