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Rain, rain, rain …

15 AUG 2011

by Malin Byström  13:02 h;
published in: Opera, General

Malin Byström, Photo: Peter Knutson
Rain, rain, rain … Two weeks of rehearsals and at least ten days of rain. And I have rented a big house with a pool, mainly for the entertainment of my family, who will be staying another three days. Yes, this is my life; Two children, my boy Love (no, not a hippie-inspired name, but simply the Swedish form of Ludwig or Louis!), 7 years old, and Siri, my 2-year-old girl. And my husband Markus, who travels with me whenever it is possible according to his work as a baritone at Gothenburg opera and as a freelancer. This time we also had a ten day visit from Vienna: Laura, Love’s 18-year-old half-sister and her boyfriend. So we are six people here, and it makes me feel very rich! To be able to have friends and family around the dinner table is a real luxury, a treasure in our profession.

But back to the rain. And the pool. Would the weather stop a seven-year-old? Nope. The result – when I got back from rehearsal two days ago, he could swim!!! AND he has a heavy cold.

Another thing that makes Salzburg feel so familiar is the great number of Swedish singers here. Mainly female, don’t ask me why! I bumped into wonderful colleagues Miah Persson and Anna Larsson the other day, in Billa. They were here for Mahler’s Second Symphony with Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra and Gustavo Dudamel. We have been hanging out with Katija Dragojevic (singing Cherubino) and Malin Christensson (Barbarina), who are also here with their families. And I was happy to meet Maria Bengtsson for the first time. Can’t wait to see her Fiordiligi!

Anna Larsson and Miah Persson

We all bond immediately, all of us being hard-working mothers in this business!

Malin Byström