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First Master Class of the Young Singers Project – and a New E-Magazine

30 JUL 2011

by Silvia Lauppe  13:01 h;
published in: Concert, General

Silvia Lauppe (red dress) and YSP-zine participants
The advertisement sounded intriguing: young journalists were sought who would accompany the Young Singers Project as part of the Festival and produce features for a new e-magazine. A one-time chance to look behind the scenery at this famous festival, to breathe the city’s atmosphere, filled with music and art so close to the festival’s opening!

Four young people got this chance. Professionally coached by Uwe Friedrich and Shirley Apthorp, two experienced cultural journalists, we experienced the preparation for the Festival ourselves, saw great stars on stage and – mainly – heard tomorrow’s great talents.

Our undertaking proved a great challenge: five days is very little time to get to know eleven singers. Especially since we had the task – but also the expectation of ourselves – to look beyond the YSP and illuminate other aspects of the Festival as well. Thus, we also interviewed the Press Officer, conductors, the Artistic Director and sponsors. Still, the Young Singers remained at the core of our interest. We wanted to learn as much as we could about them, in order to present them to the international readers of the e-magazine. Thus, we went with them to eat Mozartkugeln, to try on traditional Austrian costumes, to have coffee – and of course we did a lot of interviews with them, with their teachers, program coordinators, and piano coaches. We slept very little, often worked well into the night and traded countless emails back and forth. The work was stressful, but fascinating, and a great pleasure.

Some of the results are visible already on www.ysp-zine.com. During the coming weeks, many more reports will be added. These appear as text, in audio or video format, and sometimes they come directly from the singers.

We young journalists learned a lot during our week in Salzburg. Not only about writing or interviewing. Also about music, Austrian coffee culture and about the ideal size of a Wiener Schnitzel. We would be glad if many people clicked on our e-magazine during the coming weeks and if we could thus introduce the world to the Young Singers. Then, all our work will have been worthwhile.

Silvia Lauppe