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Mönchsberg Wine and Grazing Pork

30 JUL 2011

published in: Drama, General

Culinary festival in front of the Edmundsburg, Photo: Wildbild
On Mönchsberg, in the garden of the Edmundsburg, our “Osmica” will be open on the Festival weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 4:00 to 11:00 pm. A culinary festival – but only if the weather is nice!

The term “Osmica” is derived from the Slovenian word “osem”, meaning eight. For eight days, the vintners in the karst of Trieste, who were very poor, were allowed by Empress Maria Theresia to open their farms and sell their wine and other homemade products.

Our Osmica at the Edmundsburg will be opened for eight days, from August 12 to 19, accompanying the events of the Handke focus in a culinary fashion. Karst ham, cheese, pickled vegetables and olive oil accompany the traditional karst wine.

The real specialty of this Osmica, however, is the first wine from Salzburg itself, which grows next to the tower on Mönchsberg which Peter Handke lived in for eight years. This “Paris Lodron Zwinger”, a malmsey, can only be sampled at the Osmica.

The entrance is inside the parking garage off of Toscaninihof – look for the red arrow. The lift up to the Edmundsburg is functioning.

We look forward to welcoming many visitors!