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Festival Fever and Rainy Weather

21 JUL 2011

published in: Drama, General

Jedermann, Photo: Clärchen & Matthias Baus
This coming weekend, Salzburg awaits a sensational Festival Opening Party. One of the focus topics is Jedermann. As part of the Opening of the Siemens Festival>Nights on July 24, the participants in Jedermanns Tischgesellschaft have been announced: the director of ORF TV Culture, Martin Traxl, will moderate the conversation on Kapitelplatz with Sunnyi Melles (Lover from 1990 to 1993, Faith in 2002), Angelika Richter (Good Deeds in 2010), Peter Jordan (Good Companion and Devil since 2009) and Thomas Oberender, Director of Drama. Of course, the current Jedermann, Nicholas Ofczarek, will not be missing from this round either. Afterwards, the movie premiere of Jedermann remixed takes place – no matter what the weather is like, since in the worst case, the conversation will be broadcast live from the SalzburgKulisse to Kapitelplatz via fiber optic cable!

And finally, a note about the Siemens Festival>Nights: on July 25, Die Zauberflöte (Salzburg Festival 2006) will be broadcast as early as 5:00 pm if the weather is good. If the weather is inclement, the original time (8:00 pm) will be adhered to.