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An unforgettable night in Salzburg

14 JUL 2011

by lettowsky  13:46 h;
published in: Opera, General

Alek Shrader (c) Peter Schaaf
Alek’s Travel Tips: It’s always a good idea to plan out your evening ahead of time. My first trip to Salzburg was as a student at the Mozarteum Sommerakademie in the summer of 2004. On a night of indulgence at O’Malley’s, we found ourselves in need of funds to buy the next round. I had seen buskers (or street performers) all day, so I thought the answer was simple: I’ll go outside and sing some arias until we have enough. I must admit that the hat seemed to collect coins rather quickly, which is no doubt due to the exceptional taste of the local populace. Just as we decided we had enough coin, I felt a sharp pull on my elbow and turned to find two stern-looking members of the Polizei. Luckily, the charming Irish girls in our group were able to explain that I didn’t know I needed a busking permit (I didn’t), that I didn’t speak German (I didn’t), and that I’d never do it again (I wouldn’t… that night). It was a narrow escape, but a victory nonetheless. We raised our glasses to those policemen and called it a night a short time later. So, young gallivanters, know this: only bring the money you’re willing to spend, know which round should be the last one, and if you’re going to busk, you need a permit.

Until next time!