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Blog entries for "Drama"

The new 2013 Festival program

published in: Opera, Drama, Concert, General

( 7 Nov 2012 A thousand thanks for all the interest and enthusiasm with which you greeted our new start in 2012. And special thanks for your spontaneous support of the new elements we presented in our programme – from the Ouverture spirituelle to our contemporary music series and to the highly acclaimed production of Die Soldaten. With 278.500 guests we were able to receive the greatest number of visitors in the Festival’s history.

We are confident that many surprises are awaiting you in the programme of the 2013 Festival summer. A dominant theme is formed by the works of Wagner and Verdi: operas from their middle and later periods are being staged in new productions while select early operas are being performed in concert.

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Award Presentation • Montblanc Young Directors Award 2012

published in: Drama

( 21 Aug 2012 ) For the eleventh time, the MONTBLANC YOUNG DIRECTORS PROJECT took place at this year’s Salzburg Festival 2012. Sven-Eric Bechtolf invited three young directors from South Africa, Austria and France to enter this year's competition. Now the winner is fixed: Gisèle Vienne from France with the two productions Éternelle Idole and This is how you will disappear.

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Meine Bienen. Eine Schneise – A Commission of the Salzburg Festival

published in: Drama

( 17 Aug 2012 ) August 23 will see the world premiere of Meine Bienen. Eine Schneise, a commission of the Salzburg Festival, at Salzburg’s Landestheater. The work by Händl Klaus and the Musicbanda Franui is directed by Nicolas Liautard.

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Cornelia Rainer on her Production of Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz

published in: Drama

( 10 Aug 2012 ) As part of the Montblanc & Salzburg Festival Young Directors Project, the stage director Cornelia Rainer and the theater company “Theater Montagnes Russes” present Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz on stage at the republic. The young director Cornelia Rainer spoke to APA about her ideas about the play.

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Mojo – A Theater Production Full of Energy for Children and Adults

published in: Drama

( 18 Jun 2012 Mojo is a play for children and adults. Anybody can be enchanted by the music, the actors, dancers, puppets and effects. Sue Buckmaster has developed this play, taking special care that the result is an event for younger and older people. Director of Drama Sven-Eric Bechtolf spoke to the director about the development of Theatre-Rites, the work with people and puppets and of course the production Mojo. 

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Young Directors Project of the Salzburg Festival 2012 powered by Montblanc

published in: Drama

( 14 Jun 2012 ) Since 2002, the international cultural brand Montblanc has supported the Young Directors Project at the Salzburg Festival, a fascinating competition for young international theater directors and their ensembles. Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Director of Drama at the Salzburg Festival, has invited directors and their ensembles from South Africa, Austria, France and South Korea.

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Dramaturge Wolfgang Wiens Dies

published in: Drama, General

( 18 May 2012 ) The man of the theater Wolfgang Wiens died this past Wednesday in Hamburg. Most recently, he was working with Andrea Breth on Kleist’s Prinz Friedrich von Homburg for the Salzburg Festival. Wolfgang Wiens was considered one of the leading dramaturges in German-language theater, who held positions at almost all the renowned theaters and enjoyed close artistic partnerships with theater stars like Robert Wilson, Andrea Breth and Jürgen Flimm. Furthermore, Wolfgang Wiens was also a successful translator. 

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Where the Bees Fly

published in: Drama

( 15 May 2012 ) On Meine Bienen. Eine Schneise, a piece that transcends all genres, by Händl Klaus with Musicbanda Franui

On a sunny summer day, just as a funeral was taking place in Innervillgraten in Eastern Tyrol, the beekeeper’s son Andreas Schett let a swarm of bees escape. The bees, which the boy had been supposed to watch, did not leave their hive for a nearby stone-pine or spruce, but set off in the direction of the parking lot, where the local company of marksmen was just paying homage to the dear departed. It was hot. Sweat was running down the faces and into the collars of the marksmen, buttoned tightly into their uniforms. 

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Drama Transcends Language Barriers

published in: Drama

( 11 May 2012 ) The drama program of the summer of 2012 transforms the Perner-Insel into a place of international encounters. Several productions will be shown this year in a foreign language, two of them are by British stage director Irina Brook: the guest performances of La Tempête in French, and Peer Gynt, produced especially for the Festival, in English. Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Director of Drama, describes how Brook manages to ignite the spark of enthusiasm regardless of any language barriers. The fact that both performances will have German subtitles provides additional assurance for all theater-goers at home in German.

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Irina Brook rehearses "Peer Gynt"

published in: Drama

( 3 May 2012 ) “I am quite convinced that if I admire and love my actors, they will be convincing on stage. After all, that is my task: to make these people glow.” The artist Irina Brook was born into a theatrical family. As the daughter of the stage director Peter Brook and the actress Natasha Parry, she has been in contact with theater all her life, and is at home on stages on both sides of the Atlantic. She has enjoyed her greatest success in France, although her native language is English. For Irina Brook, this switching between languages, cultures and theatrical forms seems to be as natural as breathing. For the Salzburg Festival, she is currently preparing Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. Peter Arp visited Irina Brook and her actors at a workshop in Paris.

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