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Blog entries for "General"

The Salzburg Festival and Schlumberger • Two Austrian cultural traditions joining forces

published in: General

( 14 Mar 2014 ) When musical theatre depicts the enjoyment of life or love, sparkling wine often comes into play – at least from the mid-19th century onwards. It is not surprising that the love-hungry gourmet Falstaff was drawn to this libation early on. In Otto Nicolai’s Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor (1849) he sings: „When I was a young boy at my mother’s breast […] sparkling wine was my delight.” The cooperation of the two traditional Austrian brands reinforces the association of sparkling wine and champagne with the cultural enjoyment of opera, theatre and concerts.

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The Salzburg Festival Mourns the Death of Dr. Gerard Mortier

published in: General

( 9 Mar 2014 ) “Gerard Mortier was one of the rare artistic director personalities who fought incessantly for the arts and their social importance – not even severe illness could stop him. His death is a terrible loss,” said Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler in a very personal statement about the death of Gerard Mortier, who was the Salzburg Festival’s Artistic Director from 1991 to 2001.

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The Salzburg Festival Mourns Maximilian Schell

published in: General

( 1 Feb 2014 ) A world star, a citizen of the world, an intellectual, a philanthropist has died. The Salzburg Festival mourns his passing and remembers one of the very great actors on the world’s stages. Maximilian Schell embodied Jedermann on Cathedral Square from 1978 to 1982. “He was one of the most convincing and best actors in this role,” Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler said. A complete list of Maximilian Schell’s appearances at the Salzburg Festival is available by clicking here.

The Salzburg Festival Mourns Claudio Abbado

published in: General

( 20 Jan 2014 ) “For weeks, we have been afraid of this. Claudio Abbado is dead. The music world has lost one of its very greatest. He never sought to triumph, but probably that is why his interpretations became such triumphs. We in Salzburg must also bid farewell to a musician who gave our audiences extraordinary experiences for decades. There are few conductors whose reviews used the words ‘magic moments’ so often. Few other conductors received such surging waves of applause even after difficult works. The Festival is grateful that we were able to have him here in Salzburg. He lives on in us through his work,” Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler said in a first reaction.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

published in: General

( 24 Dec 2013 ) We wish all friends and guests of the Salzburg Festival a blessed Christmas and a great start to the New Year 2014!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that until January 8, all ticket orders received for the Summer Festival will be treated as equal. Why not take the time between Christmas and New Year’s to browse the programme and send your purchase requests to the Ticket Office – either online, via email to info@salzburgfestival.at or by mail to the Salzburg Festival Ticket Office, Herbert von Karajan Platz 11, P.O. Box 140, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.

The Salzburg Festival congratulates Hossam Mahmoud on winning the 2013 Grand Arts Prize of the State of Salzburg

published in: Concert, General

( 19 Nov 2013 Hossam Mahmoud commissioned to write Seelenfäden for the 2014 Salzburg Festival

The Salzburg Festival is delighted that the 2013 Grand Arts Prize of the State of Salzburg has been awarded to Hossam Mahmoud. During the 2014 Festival summer, the Ouverture spirituelle and the series Salzburg contemporary will each feature one of the composer’s works. “This decision by the jury results in double encouragement for Hossam Mahmoud's creative work during difficult times: on the one hand, there is the 2014 programming of the Salzburg Festival, on the other, this important and generously endowed prize of the State of Salzburg,” Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler emphasises.

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Historian Christopher Clark to give Keynote Address at the 2014 Festival Opening

published in: General

( 12 Nov 2013 )   “Who would not want to come to Salzburg?” This was the Australian historian Christopher Clark’s answer to the invitation to give the keynote address at the Salzburg Festival on July 27, 2014. In his much-lauded new book The Sleepwalkers, the 53-year-old Cambridge professor describes how Europe went into World War I. 

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President Helga Rabl-Stadler About Art as Necessity

published in: General

( 6 Nov 2013 ) ‘Every art needs two: one who makes it and one who needs it.’ Thus, Ernst Barlach – sculptor, draughtsman and author – described the existential relationship which also characterizes the Salzburg Festival’s essence. Max Reinhardt described this relationship differently, but no less vividly when he argued for the Festival’s founding in 1917. He spoke of art ‘not as a luxury for the rich and sated, but as food for the needy’. 

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The New Drama Programme 2014 – Presented by Sven-Eric Bechtolf

published in: Drama, General

( 6 Nov 2013 ) Dear Audience,

We are delighted to present the 2014 theatre programme, which on this occasion is devoted almost entirely to a single subject: precisely one hundred years ago Europe threw itself into a war which is now regarded as the primary catastrophe of recent history. 

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Artistic Director Alexander Pereira about the Festival Programme 2014

published in: Opera, General

( 6 Nov 2013 ) Dear, honoured Festival guests!

It is with great pleasure that I present our events of the 2014 Festival summer to you. As every year, we will try to give the most important artists of our time a home in Salzburg for six weeks – in a density that would be impossible to achieve anywhere in the world but in Salzburg. In my view, this is what the fascination of the artistic attraction of this Festival is all about. This summer, we present to you five opera premieres with hand-picked casts. 

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