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Family Guy Christopher Maltman Sings the Title Role in the Opera "Gawain"

by Christopher Maltman  17:00 h;
published in: Opera, General

( 26 Jul 2013 ) The first opera premiere of the Salzburg Festival is about to take place: Harrison Birtwistle’s Gawain has that honour tonight at the Felsenreitschule. Christopher Maltman, who takes on the title role in this opera, writes about his time in Salzburg, his work and the concept for Gawain. Find out what Chris Maltman likes to do in his free time and why Alvis Hermanis is the perfect stage director-cum-midwife for the whole thing, by clicking …

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“I have kissed Sir John Tomlinson.”

by Christopher Maltman  14:21 h;
published in: Opera

( 30 Jul 2013 ) “I have kissed Sir John Tomlinson. Many, many times. There, I’ve said it. And, believe me, it’s not something that I had anticipated in my career, even in my wildest student daydreaming days. In fact, this summer has seen a few other firsts for me. My first on-stage decapitation (even if I was a little over enthusiastic on the first night and managed to send the Green Knight’s head tumbling among the double basses), my first bout of cannibalism, both given and received, and finally my first time spending twenty five minutes under a blanket. All operatic milestones I simply could not have anticipated.”

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