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Mozart Matinee • Manfred Honeck

Stiftung Mozarteum

Performers: Manfred Honeck, Eva Liebau, Judith Schmid, Mauro Peter, Thomas E. Bauer, Salzburger Bachchor, Alois Glaßner, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
Works by Wolfgang A. Mozart

Mozart Matinee • Ádám Fischer

Stiftung Mozarteum

Performers: Ádám Fischer, Martina Janková, Sophie Rennert, Peter Sonn, Amitai Pati*, Thomas E. Bauer, Salzburger Bachchor, Alois Glaßner, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
*Member of the Young Singers Project
Works by Johann Michael Haydn, Wolfgang A. Mozart

Mozart Matinee • Ivor Bolton 1

Stiftung Mozarteum

Performers: Ivor Bolton, Kristian Bezuidenhout, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
Works by Wolfgang A. Mozart

Mozart Matinee • Marc Minkowski

Stiftung Mozarteum

Performers: Marc Minkowski, Lenneke Ruiten, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
Works by Wolfgang A. Mozart, Kurt Weill

Mozart Matinee • Vladimir Fedoseyev

Stiftung Mozarteum

Performers: Vladimir Fedoseyev, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
Works by Wolfgang A. Mozart, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Ludwig v. Beethoven

Mozart Matinee • Ivor Bolton 2

Stiftung Mozarteum

Performers: Ivor Bolton, Rolando Villazón, Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg
Works by Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Christoph Willibald Gluck


The Mozart Matinees: A Fixture in the Salzburg Festival’s Concert Programme

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( 24 Jul 2014 ) Salzburg’s Mozarteum Orchestra and the Mozart Matinees at the Salzburg Festival are linked by tradition. This year, there are six different Matinees on the concert programme, each with two performances. Conductors include Manfred Honeck, who led the Mozarteum Orchestra this past weekend, Ádám Fischer, Ivor Bolton, Marc Minkowski and Vladimir Fedoseyev – guaranteeing a stylistically rich programme!

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Mozart Matinee, © Wolfgang Lienbacher


The fact that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music is the main focus is nothing new in Salzburg. The fact, however, that his oeuvre shines all the more brightly when great musicians and leading ensembles perform even its less familiar works, when it is juxtaposed with works by Mozart’s contemporaries or when its effects on the music of later epochs becomes audibly evident: that is the principle behind the Mozart Matinees, performed traditionally on the Festival weekends. Manfred Honeck connects the ‘Coronation’ Mass and its symphonic hues from Mozart’s last years in Salzburg with the ‘Prague’ Symphony which was already pointing to the triad of the three last grand symphonies; Ádám Fischer will complement the large-format genres of mass and symphony with the Masonic Cantata ‘Laut verkünde unsre Freude’, K. 623, Mozart’s last completed composition.
In the first of two Mozart Matinees under his baton, Ivor Bolton introduces two of Mozart’s less frequently performed compositions: the ballet music for the opera Idomeneo of 1781 and the Serenade in D Major which Mozart composed in 1773 for a member of the Salzburg family Antretter. This programme also features Mozart’s Piano Concerto K. 453 with Kristian Bezuidenhout as soloist. The soloist of the following Mozart Matinee will be Elisabeth Kulman; Mozart’s concert arias will be framed by his Symphony No. 33 and Kurt Weill’s rarely-performed Symphony No. 2 – its characteristic woodwind and brass writing and uncompromising formal clarity point to Mozart as the role model. Vladimir Fedoseyev will present the Mozart admirer Tchaikovsky with the latter’s Mozartiana suite. This homage is flanked by Mozart’s Symphony No. 28 in C Major and Beethoven’s Eroica. Ivor Bolton returns for the last of the Mozart Matinees, with Rolando Villazón as soloist, performing arias from Christoph Willibald Gluck and Mozart. The cornerstones of the programme will be two Sturm und Drang symphonies by admirers of Gluck: Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 39 and Mozart’s Symphony No. 25, the ‘little’ G Minor Symphony.

Friedrich Sprondel


Concert 2014

by Alexander Pereira and Florian Wiegand

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