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Alessio Arduini – ein junger Musiker mitten im Festspielgeschehen

22 AUG 2012

by Alessio Arduini  11:06 h;
veröffentlicht in: Allgemein, Oper

Alessio Arduini
After having lent body and voice to the character of Schaunard for the first performances, what emerges is really positive: the love of the public and the people for this opera. Which is all the higher, given the synergy with the city. This goes beyond the individual performance and criticism, both of which are still subject to variability from evening to evening. After all it is inevitable to get involved in the soul of the city, which attracts tourists from all over the world during the festival and offers performances of the first level – you feel involved in something special, whether as a spectator or artist. So we are struck by the desire to take in everything the festival offers, knowing that you're living in the city where great artists are singing with the best musicians in the world. The beauty of experiencing these productions with important artists from the inside makes you understand how each performance is something new and is an opportunity for the show to grow; there is no way to fall into routines, or to approach a performance without a minimum of positive tension. Michieletto's direction is not static and rigid, which allows each artist to express himself better within the character's personality. Thus, the show is more credible in the eyes of the public. Often, the difference between a successful and an average show is precisely the credibility that you can convey to the audience, and watching this spectacle from the outside I see that one can be close to reality and emotionally compelling. Obviously we must be able to get involved in the music and acting, otherwise we risk watching the umpteenth Bohème, thinking it was basically the same as before, when the beauty of this opera is its ability to continue to surprise and move the viewer.

Regarding my personal experience until now, I am very content with what this theatre and colleagues gave me, an opportunity of personal growth which is crucial for my age and experience. The character I played is a small role in a great work, but it allows me to have fun and sing nice phrases; moreover, the secondary characters in Puccini play important roles for the final outcome. So I hope the public continues to appreciate this Bohème and to be transported by the magic of the Festival.

Alessio Arduini