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The car rules!!

13 AUG 2011

by Luca Pisaroni  14:06 h;
veröffentlicht in: Oper, Allgemein

Joel Prieto, Foto: Felix Broede
Last week was an intense one for the team and cast of Don Giovanni. We moved from our rehearsal place outside the city center, to our fabulous stage in Haus für Mozart. It always brings an extra level of intensity when we can experience the real space where we will develop the story. This production is very organic in the human, dramatic and emotional sense. The way it is made gives you the impression you are watching a fantastic movie thriller.

Going on the main stage means I get to try the famous car! It was our first day on the main stage and when I tried to turn on the car it didn’t work … So the technicians had to come and work on it for 10 mins until it worked. So we continued with the scene and I drove the car on stage, this time without injuring a tree! But we all started perceiving a strange smell, like some burned plastic or something. This smell invaded the entire stage until it was unbearable and we had to stop again. It seems that some of the cables in the car’s engine got on fire. Once again the car expresses itself … We took a forced 20 mins pause and everything was back to normal. Now the car and I are friends again … Uffffff!

I guess this is what rehearsals are for …

Greetings from the forest!

Joel Prieto