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How Joel Prieto became Don Ottavio: Part II

2 AUG 2011

by Luca Pisaroni  15:10 h;
veröffentlicht in: Oper, Allgemein

Joel Prieto, Foto: Felix Broede
After my first aria “Dalla sua pace” I was so emotional that when I had to drive the car back stage of the rotating stage platform I crashed it into a tree, but nobody in the audience noticed since the soprano and I managed to move the car with such grace that it looked as it was part of the staging! I was worried for a second because the car needed to be off stage in a certain amount of time in order to continue with the next scene. For a moment I thought, oh no Joel, they are going to have to stop the show for 15 minutes to move the car because you just crashed it into the forest. I could almost imagine the headlines in the news papers saying “Debuting Tenor Crashes Car on Stage Stopping the Production in Salzburg” But thank God nobody got hurt …  At the end of the show Claus Guth came and told me “that was great, we should do it every night!!“ I ended up singing all the shows after that, and that was my debut in Salzburg!!

This year I’m back singing the same role, with an amazing cast and searching always for new ways of expressing new ideas about the character and the opera. This is really a fantastic production! We started rehearsals already this week. So let the work begin …

I’m so happy to be back!

Joel Prieto