Youth Subscriptions

About 20 youth subscriptions will once again be offered. Altogether, 3,000 tickets for operas, plays and concerts will be sold at prices reduced by up to 90 % for visitors under 27 (i. e. young people born after June 30, 1987). The detailed programme may be found here:


If you have purchased youth tickets from us in the past season or have registered your interest to do so, you will already be part of our database and will receive the information automatically. Otherwise, pleas send your contact details (name, address, e-mail, date of birth) to info@salzburgfestival.at

or contact the ticket office directly:

Salzburger Festspiele Kartenbüro
Postbox 140, 5010 Salzburg, Austria
T +43.662.8045.500
F +43.662.8045.555


From 2008 on, working for and with the younger generation is one of the focal points of the Salzburg Festival program. Everybody complains that parents and schools are failing to educate children and teenagers about and for art. Many lament that the “event” is the only thing that counts these days. Others despair because the so-called “high culture” seems to be aging with its audiences. The Festival, however, will take action. On the one hand, we will actively promote young artists – our most spectacular project is the Young Singers Project. On the other hand, we want to cultivate a new audience. Youth camps, affordable youth tickets, student projects and accompanying events specifically aimed at younger audiences are meant to inspire and develop their joy and understanding of music.