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Blog entries for "General"

“Moving forward together”: Audi continues its involvement with the Salzburg Festival

published in: General

( 1 Aug 2014 ) Audi today signed a new four-year agreement as main sponsor of the Salzburg Festival. The carmaker has been a partner to the festival since 1994. Both parties want to work even more closely together in future and intend to launch joint projects with an international reach. To mark the partnership’s 20th anniversary, Audi has funded a new wireless microphone system for the festival, allowing audiences at “Jedermann” to enjoy a listening experience without interference. 

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Relaxation at the Festival Ball: The Beauty Boudoir

published in: Festival Ball, General

( 30 Jul 2014 ) Not only our Festival Ball debutantes are styled by professionals – you too can entrust your looks to the teams of Coiffeure Sturmayr and MAC Cosmetics, available at our exclusive Beauty Boudoir at the Haus für Mozart. Starting at the same time as the doors open, at 8:30 pm, the stylists are at your service, touching up your makeup or your ball hairdo. After a few rounds on the dance floor, perhaps you need a few quiet minutes – in that case, let your tense neck muscles, your hands or dance-wearied feet be pampered by a massage at the booth of Salzburg’s Institut Hobé from Heidi Steger!

Premieres: Excitement among the Young Singers

by Wolfgang Resch  10:44 h;
published in: General, Opera

( 29 Jul 2014 ) On Sunday, the moment had finally come! After the Ouverture spirituelle, the 2014 Salzburg Festival was officially opened at the Felsenreitschule. The tension keeps rising, and the Festspielhaus feels like a huge cauldron about to bubble over. Everyone is looking forward to the first premieres. My YSP colleagues and I have also been swept up by the excitement.

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M.A.C Workshop for the Salzburg Festival’s Makeup Artists

published in: General

( 28 Jul 2014 ) Makeup for mature skin is a topic of interest in theatre and opera as well as in general life. The cosmetics company M.A.C, one of the Festival’s product sponsors since 2008, followed an invitation from the costume and makeup department to give a workshop. Kathrin Jokubonis, M.A.C’s training manager, provided a four-hour session including valuable insider tips about primers, concealers, foundations and the right contour effects for mature skin. “Our products were originally designed for photo shootings. Because they resist spotlight glare well, they are also perfectly suited for theatre productions,” says Kathrin Jokubonis.

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Festive Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Salzburg Festival

published in: General

( 25 Jul 2014 ) The 94th Salzburg Festival began last weekend with the Ouverture spirituelle and will be opened with the traditional ceremony on July 27, 2014 at 11:00 am. The ceremony on Sunday will be attended by Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer, Landeshauptmann Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Dr. Josef Ostermayer, the Federal Minister for Education, Art and Culture, and Festival President Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler. The keynote address will be delivered by the historian Prof. Dr. Christopher Clark. Read here what awaits you at the Opening Ceremony!

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Swarovski provides a New Dress for the Paramour in the 2014 Jedermann Production

published in: Drama, General

( 23 Jul 2014 ) Several thousand crystals decorate the Lover’s new dress in the 2014 Jedermann production. Seductive red, a skin-tight corsage and 32 metres of hemline are the defining elements of the creation. Scarlet-red flowers made of fabric sparkle with crystals reminiscent of dewdrops. In painstaking detail work, the crystals were stitched onto silk satin and silk muslin. 

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First Impressions of a “Young Singer” at the Salzburg Festival

by Wolfgang Resch  18:08 h;
published in: General

( 18 Jul 2014 ) The Austrian baritone Wolfgang Resch was first educated as a singer at the boys’ choir “Wiltener Sängerknaben” in Innsbruck. Even during his school days, he took up studies at the Tyrolean State Conservatory of Music before continuing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in 2008. This year he is a member of the Young Singers Project at the Salzburg Festival, and over the next weeks he will report on his experiences in Salzburg. 

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Travel to the Salzburg Festival free and comfortably while protecting the environment

published in: General

( 16 Jul 2014 ) The Association of Friends of the Salzburg Festival supports eco-friendly and free mobility for Festival guests travelling to and from the 250 events. “Once again, we wish to offer all the Salzburg Festival’s guests the attractive option of leaving their car at home and travelling to our performance venues for free,” Festival President Helga Rabl-Stadler declares.

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A Treasure Trove of Background and Backstage Information: The Salzburg Festival Almanac

published in: General

( 15 Jul 2014 ) For the third time, the traditional Salzburg Festival Almanac will be published by the Festival itself. Long coveted and known as a collector’s item, this year’s edition features a plethora of background information on the Festival summer and its productions.

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Festival Opening Party 2014 • Setting the Stage for Music, Theatre, Literature and Dance!

published in: General

( 14 Jul 2014 Join Us in Celebrating the Festival Opening Party for Two Days!
The Salzburg Festival opens on July 18 with Haydn’s Die Schöpfung, part of the Ouverture spirituelle, followed by the revival of Jedermann on July 19. At the same time, these two days see the Festival Opening Party take place at 33 performance venues: with over 70 events from diverse genres and many programmatic cross-references, there is something sure to please everyone!

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