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Tales of an opera singer

12 JUL 2011

by Matthias Jakisic  09:05 h;
published in: Opera, General

Beware! You are about to read tales of mystery, suspense, and horror that come from the life of an opera singer. Put the children to bed, lock the doors, and – if you dare – read on! Alek Shrader is singing the part of Ferrando in Così fan tutte this summer. In his first blog he gives an insight to the rehearsals which started a few days ago and explains – in a short overview – the parts and important persons in the new Così production of director Claus Guth.

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An unforgettable night in Salzburg

14 JUL 2011

by Matthias Jakisic  13:46 h;
published in: Opera, General

Today, Alek is remembering a night in Salzburg when he was still a student at the Mozarteum Sommerakademie. The evening started like many others but soon it turned out, that the night was still long and the pockets almost empty. What to do? In the end a creative solution saved the night and Alek had learned three new things about life in general and Salzburg in particular. 

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A dirty affair

19 JUL 2011

by Matthias Jakisic  15:35 h;
published in: Opera

Relationships can be difficult. They can get complicated. They can become messy. Likewise, the stage of Così fan tutte will go from stark, sterile white to mud-smeared, forest-infested chaos over the course of two acts. The question is, which is the true nature of love – clean and pure that inevitably gets stained, or dirty and flawed that can only be covered up by a pretty shell for a limited time? 

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What’s in a name?

3 AUG 2011

by Matthias Jakisic  12:06 h;
published in: Opera, General

In his new blog, Alek Shrader, Ferrando of Così fan tutte, is thinking about the meaning of the names of the protagonists in Così. So he is searching for some enlightening hints in the Greek, Latin and German language. From the names and their possible origins, Alek Shrader tries to establish a connection to the characters in the opera played. An interesting examination!

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Attack of the pineapple juice: a cautionary tale

20 AUG 2011

by Matthias Jakisic  19:00 h;
published in: Opera, General

While I am prone to stay indoors and enjoy the rainy weather, much has happened: Most recently, I had a crisis with my computer. In a bout of clumsiness, I spilt pineapple juice over my laptop. As a laptop is an important piece of equipment for any international traveler, I quickly decided this was a mistake and followed the “Dang, I’ve Just Murdered My Laptop With Liquid” panic list.

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The Final Chapter

30 AUG 2011

by Matthias Jakisic  08:24 h;
published in: Opera, General

The time has come. It’s the big finish, the grand finale, the end. I want to say thank you to Salzburg, the Festival, the cast and crew of Così, and all you brave readers out there for a great summer. As I sit here in my attic apartment, in a full-body sweat with fans blasting to no avail, I can’t help but wish we had more time together. 

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